The Haymaker Inn

Wadeford, Chard, Somerset, TA20 3AP 
Call us: 01460 64161


Seasonal Soup of the Day Chef’s homemade soup served with a warm roll and butter. Ask for Vegetarian/Vegan and Gluten free options £4.50
Homemade Chicken Liver Pate (GF) Chicken livers fried in brandy and a little garlic. Ask for Gluten free toast £4.95
Prawn Cocktail (GF) Atlantic Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce served with brown bread and butter £4.95
Crispy Camembert & Apple Parcels (V) Served on a bed of leaves with a ramekin of mango chutney £4.95
Battered Cod Goujons 2 cod goujons served with Tartare sauce £4.95
Garlic Mushrooms (V) Cooked in fresh cream and served with a warm roll (can be ordered with soya cream VG) …… Stilton mushrooms (V) £4.95 Cooked in fresh cream and served in a brioche bun £4.95
Garlic Prawns (GF, V) 5 x king prawns lightly cooked in garlic butter and served with mayonnaise £5.50
Homemade Lasagne We also have a gluten free version of the above plus a Vegan/Vegetarian/Dairy free option £11.00
The Haymaker Burger Steak burger smothered in Cheddar cheese and served with apple and cider chutney, in a brioche bun £9.00
Stilton Burger Steak burger smothered in Stilton and served with apple and cider chutney, in a brioche bun £9.50
Hunters Burger Steak burger topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese, and served with apple and cider chutney, in a brioche bun £10.50
Bacon & Mushroom Burger Steak burger topped with bacon and mushroom, and served with apple and cider chutney, in a brioche bun £9.50
Hunters Chicken Chicken breast topped with bacon, BBQ sauce and Cheddar cheese £12.00
Chicken Breast in White Wine & Mushroom Sauce Chicken breast pan fried with mushrooms, white wine and double cream £11.50
Chicken Breast in Stilton Sauce Chicken breast pan fried with a Stilton sauce £12.00
Ham, Egg & Chips 2 slices of local ham served with 2 fried eggs £8.95
Seafood Platter A selection of bread crumbed cod, prawns and squid £11.50
Scampi & Chips 8 breaded scampi served with Tartare sauce £11.00
Cooked to your liking and served with onion rings, grilled tomato and vegetables of your choice
8oz Rump Steak £13.75
12oz Rump Steak £18.50
10oz Rib Eye Steak £18.50
10oz Gammon Steak Served with egg or pineapple £12.50
Mixed Grill Steak, gammon steak, lamb chop, sausage, pork cutlet and a fried egg £18.75
Steak Sauces Choose from pepper, stilton, garlic or mushroom £2.50
Add 5 King Prawns to your Steak for £4.50
Mushroom Stroganoff & Rice Please ask for Vegan cream option £8.50
Vegetable Lasagne £9.50
4 Bean Chilli & Rice £9.00
Vegetable Curry & Rice £9.00
Vegetable Moussaka £9.50
Vegan Burger £9.00
All of the above are suitable for Vegans and dairy free
All children's meals include ice cream
Homemade Lasagne £4.95
2 Sausages £4.95
Ham, Egg & Chips £4.95
Chicken Dippers £4.95
Onion Rings (4) £1.95
Sautéed Mushrooms £2.50
Chips £2.25
Chips & Cheese £3.25
Dressed Side Salad £2.50
Garlic Bread £2.50
Try our famous Sunday lunch - £9.99 for Roast and a Dessert
Monday to Wednesday – 2 Course Lunch Specials £6.75
Thursdays - 2 Couse Midweek Roast Lunch £7.75
Ploughman’s Mature Cheddar or Ham £7.50
Stilton Ploughman’s £8.00
Chefs Homemade Lasagne Also available in dairy free vegetable and gluten free £9.99
Sausage & Mash served with onion and red wine gravy £6.75
Sausage (2), Egg & Chips £6.75
Ham, Eggs (2) & Chips £8.95
Mushroom Stroganoff (GF) Served with rice or chips, also available dairy free
Smoked Haddock & Mozzarella Fish Cakes (2) (GF) £6.50
Fish & Chips Cod 170g – 200g £7.00
All Day Breakfast Sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, tom, beans and toast £5.95
Farmhands Breakfast (double everything) £8.95
Scampi (6), Chips & Peas £7.95
Homemade Cottage Pie with fresh vegetables £7.00
Haymaker Burger Served with homemade pickle and chips £8.00
Stilton Burger As above topped with Stilton cheese £8.50
Vegan/Vegetarian Burger £8.00
Deluxe Omelette 3 eggs, double cream and choice of fillings £6.95
Ham, Egg & Chips 1 slice ham, 1 egg and chips £7.00
Lasagne (half portion) £7.99
Smoked Haddock Fishcake (1) £5.00
Scampi (4) £6.00
Small Gammon, Egg & Chips £7.00
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £7.00
Bacon & Cheese or Fried Egg £7.95
Sausage or Bacon £6.00
Sausage & Cheese £7.95
Bacon & Cheese £7.95
Bacon & Egg £7.95
All the above served on white or brown bread with salad garnish and a few chips
Beef £6.00
Cheese £6.00
Club Sandwich £7.50
Egg Mayonnaise £5.00
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.50
Cheese & Pickle or Red Onion £6.00
Ham & Salad or Pickle £6.00
Prawns & Marie Rose Sauce £7.00
All the above served with a salad garnish and crisps
BBQ Chicken Wrap Battered chicken breast pieces, salad, BBQ sauce and cheese served with salad garnish and chips £7.50
All served with salad garnish and butter
Cheese & Coleslaw £7.00
Ham & Mushroom £7.00
Cheese or Ham & Beans £7.00
Roast Turkey Served with stiffing balls and 'Pigs in Blankets'......................OR
Roast Beef Served with a Yorkshire pudding
Sherry Trifle, Christmas Pudding or your choice from our pudding board
Homemade Chicken Liver & Brandy Pate Served with Winter spiced chutney and toast
Broccoli & Stilton Soup Served with a fresh roll and butter
Smoked Bacon & Mushroom Tart Served with salad and vinaigrette
Buttered King Prawns Served with chilli marmalade
Roast Turkey With homemade stuffing and Pigs in Blankets
Slow Braised Steak In red wine with shallots and mushrooms
Cod Fillet Topped with a cheese and herb crust
Roast Pork Tenderloin Served with an apple cider jus
Roast Peppers Stuffed with vegan mince and vegetables
After Eight Cheesecake
Bakewell Bread & Butter Pudding
Xmas Pudding Served with brandy butter or custard
Chocolate Orange Sundae